ATTENTION: You've seen them all over the place. Photoshop instructional videos conducted by the so called "Photoshop Gurus" that will put you to sleep at your keyboard so fast it was almost like Hypnosis...until... "Finally! A Complete Photo Retouching Video Course For Photoshop That Is FUN To Watch. Fast Paced. Totally Pimp. And You Don't Have To Sell Your Car to Get it!" Now Anyone. Anywhere at Any Level can become a total Photoshop Retouching Master.. Guaranteed!" Mark Monciardini - Your neighborhood "Photoshop Guru" takes you into a journey of the untold with 101 Totally Awesome Photo Tips in Photoshop CS. Mark has sold over 6000 copies of his Photoshop DVD's on the internet. His ultimate goal is to help anyone no matter what level they are, to explode their inner creative side with extreme excitement and passion. "Amazing...!" I have to say that the DVD was amazing! Mark's training style is easy to follow, and his wacky sense of humor lightens up the tutorials. I have watched the training 3 times now, and each time I capture a technique that I had overlooked during the previous viewing. Mark is an excellent Photoshopper, and easily compares in ability to some of the best Photoshop trainers in the world. SFC PATRIC R. STANDLEY how would you like to... Overcome your beliefs and really become a Photoshop Pro. Have at your side 1 DVD that will help get you out of almost any problem with your Photographs. Learn faster and remember more than you would taking a course at a college or attending an expensive seminar. Be taught by someone that has already helped thousands of Photoshop Users concur their creative ability with Graphic Design and Photo Retouching. Yes. Thousands of People have had their lives changed when they discovered the potential and possibilities with one piece of software, called Photoshop. If you would like to become one of these people, then please read on what I'm about to tell you about "Mark's 101 Totally Awesome Photo Tips DVD". Hi, My name is Mark Monciardini. I was that person just like you years ago that was so fed up with all the material out there on computer training. Every time I tried to learn another program, there was nothing out there but a big book I had to read. I had my Bookshelf full of "you name it" Photoshop books and videos that all left me with nothing but an empty feeling inside. All the tips in books and on the internet always seemed incomplete and I had to guess many of the steps that were not mentioned or left out of the lesson. It drove me nuts. Good News for You... It was never your fault for not understanding school or instructions. It is always the "Instructor" that is in charge of making the learning extremely easy to understand and most importantly--Fun to do. Period. This is why I failed High school and dropped out of College. If the FUN is missing your attention and desire drops quickly. I am living proof that if your attention is not present and you are not totally excited with what you are learning, you will miss or forget 90% of what you were taught. I've solved this problem. Do me BIG favor. But I warn you. It's not a cheap one. Please go out and buy all the other books and videos on the market for Photoshop BEFORE you watch my videos. Because then you'll see what I'm talking about. If you do that, then you'll have done the same thing as I did before I understood the magical way of progressive teaching. See when I started learning how to use Photoshop it wasn't easy. It took me years to get through all the frustrations of not getting the results I wanted with my images. I now skip over all the speed bumps because frankly, they just aren't there anymore. What ever I'm doing with Photoshop is extremely easy for me. If you know the same tips that I do, you can create just about anything imaginable. My mission was to create the unlimited tool for anyone anywhere at any level to learn how to become an ultimate Photoshop retouching master...Guaranteed. What if a single Photoshop DVD Could Change Your Life? Just what if? What if I could provide you with a single Photoshop Tool that would save you hours of research, massive amounts of time and give to you an ultimate secret weapon to knock out just about any Photograph enhancement you could think of? Just think about that for a second. Read it again and let it soak into your mind. Think of the possibilities if this was handed to you. "Ah ha!" For people who have more than enough to read, Mark's DVD is the way to go because most graphic people are kinesthetic. They don't do words well. They want to see and touch the instructions in a step-by-step [manner]basically "cutting to the chase" in a transparent process that provides you with the great "Ah ha!" David Gawlik Word Working, Inc Anyone with a computer and Photoshop can learn over 100 of the coolest, most amazing Photo techniques that are being used in Books, Magazines and Seminars. All packed into one simple to use, easy to understand training DVD-ROM called "Mark's 101 Totally Awesome Photo Tips". Don't be fooled in thinking you need to buy that $350 (5) DVD set training kit to learn Photoshop. DVD's can hold a lot of information, so I've packed everything into one convenient DVD disc you can take with you. This way you do not have to keep switching DVD's inside your player trying to figure out which Disc had that cool tip that you were looking for. Because I'm going to give you LOTS of them. I'll show you how to take any good or bad photo and turn it into something Magnificent I'll teach you the same techniques used in Photography books at the book store. If you have always wondered how Photographers got their photos to look so breath taking, you'll find a hand full of quick tricks on this DVD to get the same or even better results. I guarantee it. You'll work with me personally side-by-side with Photoshop. The best part about my DVD is that it runs straight off your computer's DVD Drive. This way you can easily start and stop the video anytime and work right along with me in Photoshop. If you get designer block. I will fix that. Find yourself running out of ideas? I'll fix that. Do you get frustrated while retouching a Photo because you know there is a better way or tool to repair it? I'll show you the right tool. Have you spent hours with books and other videos and you feel you are still not "getting it". I will fix that. Not sure how to calibrate your monitor? I'll fix that. Do you ever wonder which Resolution to scan with? I'll show you. I will be teaching you loads of tips and tools you've never used before. I'll show you faster ways to do things inside your Photo work environment. Most of my techniques will surprise you. I do make it look easy, that's because it is easy. "a master out of anyone..." Mark's photoshop techniques are the most advanced I have seen, his ability to teach you the proper way to use Photoshop's tools and advanced shortcuts will create a master out of anyone. Rob Metzgar AOL Time Warner Ok so now that you know this Photo Tips DVD will bring you serious learning ability with Photoshop. Let me go over everything you are going to learn after you have completed my course. Course 1 Photo Retouching and Repairing Secrets In this section I will take you step-by-step revealing my killer retouching tips. What seemed almost impossible before can easily be done by following these videos. Click to View Changing Eye Color I'll show you easily how to change eye color on the fly Clean up Dust & Lint from scans An effective way to put an end to all dust and lint on scans. Digital Face Lift Flawlessly modify a face. Nose Lift.Face Lift.Look thinner. Extracting Background Remove the background behind people in images.Do this. Fix crooked scans Push this one button and straighten any crooked scanned images. Fix Demonic Pet Eye Do this trick to completely remove the glare we see in pet eyes. Remove Backgrounds Precisely Remove the background no matter how complex it is. Do this. Remove People out of Photos Someone you don't want in a Photo? Do this to remove them. Remove Blemishes Make skin look flawless by removing pimples,dimples and more. Remove Depth from Photos Bring sky scrappers and buildings into proper perspective. Remove Hot Spots Use these tools to remove overexposed areas on images. Remove Objects from Photos Complete tutorial on how to remove just about any unwanted object. Remove Red Eye Fast new way to remove red eye that will knock your socks off. Remove Wrinkles Dramatically improve face wrinkles.Either a little or a lot. Restore Old Photographs Complete video on restoring just about any old damaged Photo. Saturate a Bad JPG Photo Over compressed JPG's are the worst. Fix them with these steps. Straighten an Image Fix a crooked Photo in seconds with this one click technique. Superimpose People Not in the Photo? Use this advanced tip. No one will ever know. Whiten Teeth Full control real-time teeth whitening techniques that rock. Course 2 Enhancing and Polishing Images Putting on final touches and fixing Photos so they look better and stand out. Or, take a Photo that already looks good and make it magnificent. Balance Skin Tones Applying a nice golden tan has never been easier. Use these tips. Change the Depth of Field Make the background out of focus and bring more focus to foreground. Create a Panoramic Photo Take your photos and quickly make a seamless panoramic final image. Crop Photos Now it's easier then ever to isolate any part of a Photo. Enhance Photos Take any dull image and make it look fantastic. Replace the Sky Add your own custom sky into any background. Sharpen a Photo Increase the detail in an image for high impact results. Course 3 Correcting Exposure and Color Sometimes we take a bad photo or the color doesn't turn out right. I'll show you how to fix that in a jiffy. Click to View Change Color in a Photo Special point-and-click color changes to Photo objects. Change Color more Precisely Color changes on areas that you specify. Real-time colorization. Color Correction Fix the white balance in strangely developed Photos. Color Hair Change the color of hair and make it look completely natural. Enhance Color Add more color to any image for a more professional finished look. Fix Underexposed Photos If you have an underexposed image, this tool will surprise you. Get Perfect Exposure If the Photo exposure is a little off, make it perfect by doing this. Match Color Precisely Paint with the same color used in a image. Match it perfectly. Remove Color Cast Repair that funny looking haze over Photos and bring original color back. Selective Coloring Paint color back into a back an white image for a hip look. Use my 101 Totally Awesome Photo Tips DVD to create wonderful scrap book images and post cards to send to your family and friends. I'll teach you special effects you can apply to your children's Photographs that only take minutes to do. Course 4 Special Effects This is where you will have the most fun on the DVD. With this many special effects tips, you'll always find one to jazz up any photo you have. Click to View Add a Digital Look to Portraits Make a photo have a pixilated techno style look. Add Artificial Light In this video I will show how to make light beam through trees. Add Lens Flare Add a lens fare as a special effect to any image. Add Motion to a Photo Make objects, cars and people look like they are moving with motion. Chemical Coloring Effects I'll show you the exact chemical coloring codes for a true "film" look. Color Overlays A completely overlooked technique that will make your photos come to life. Color Black & White Photos Add color anywhere to a black and white Photo. Create a Photo Collage I'll show you how to take a group of Photos and combine them into one. Create Artistic Images Take a flower photo and turn it into a work of abstract paint brush art. Create Duo tones Add the popular duo tone effect. Create Pastel Images More techniques to make your photos look painted or drawn. Custom Borders using Brushes Add creative borders around images using the brushes in Photoshop. Dappled Light Simulate light coming in though a window for a real cool effect. Dreamy Photo Effects Add a soft romantic dreamy look to portraits. Grid Effects Add wire frame grids to Photos for corporate website images and more. Insert a Photo into a Frame Take any scanned frame and paste a Photo inside. Line Drawing from a Photo Make any photo looked drawn or sketched by hand. Make a Photo look Old Create an old 1940's Photo look using this awesome technique. Make a Photo look Painted I'll show you which filters to use to create the illusion of a painted picture. Make People & Pets Look Funny I'll show how to create that popular funny photo effect seen on cards. Make People and Objects Glow Add glow effects around people and objects in Photographs. Match Color from Another Image Take one photo and copy the exact color into another photo. Very cool! Mysterious Medieval Look We'll take this plain image and turn it into something mysterious. Paste an Image into Text Turn your Photos into words. Great for album covers and scrap books. Patterns & Textures Create seamless patterns out of textures and other photos. Photo Toning Effects Add warm color overlays using this one simple tool. Sketching a Portrait Take any photo and give it an old time classic sketched look. Soft & Romantic Photos Another soft image effect without removing any detail in an image. Stylish Borders More stylish creative border techniques you can't live without. Time Warp Effect A popular warp effect that must be seen. Torn Edges Too many photo edge effects to list here. Great flair for website images. TV Lines The classic TV scan lines technique with lots of extras. Vignette Photos Great for portraits and family Photos to add a pro finished effect. Water Drops Add water drops on Photos using the layer styles. Watercolors Take any Photo and make it look painted with water colors. Course 5 Productivity After you have created a few killer looking images. I'll take you through the next step into being Productive with your creations... Batch Processing How to apply Actions and effects to multiple images at once. Batch Renaming Custom naming to thousands's of files at once using this awesome tool. Brush Tool Secrets A full video on gutting the options for the brush tool to make your work easier. Burn Photos on CD (Mac) A complete walk though on burning on Photo CD on the Mac. Burn Photos on CD (PC) Burn Photos on your PC effortlessly using these simple few steps. Create Many Size Photos on One Print. I'll show you how to create multiple prints on a sheet, just like the pros. Create a Before and After Image Create before and after images to show your friends or clients. Create a Contact Sheet Create a thumbnail browser of all images contained on a Photo CD-rom. Create a Droplet Drag all images to a little icon on your desktop to apply instant effects to them. Create Web Photo Galleries Create full fledged website Photo Galleries in a couple minutes. Cutting Edge Layer Techniques Layer secrets that you can use to speed up your workflow. E-mail Photos on the Mac How to make photos show up inside the message when the recipient receives it. E-mail Photos on the PC How to make photos show up inside the message when the recipient receives it. File Browser Basics Some daily tips you'll need while using Photoshop's file browser. Get the Best Quality Scan Which resolution should use scan with? I'll show you on this video. Create a "Signature Stamp" How to scan your own signature and make it transparent for your images. Locate Hidden Transformation Handles Frustrating transform handles are solved by doing this one thing. Navigate Images Instantly locate areas while working with High 300dpi images. Prepare Images for a Web Page How to set your images perfectly into a layout. Resize Images All the ways you could imagine to resize an image. Save Selections Another overlooked tool that will save you hours of time with selections. Selection Secrets Now be in full control of your active selections before you apply them. Must see. Use Camera Raw Why this tool is so useful and what happens if you don't use it. Use New Document Presets Customize Photoshop for the type of daily work you do. Use Print Preview Why this command should be used instead of resizing your images. Use the Histogram Palette How the new Histogram Palette works and why it was enhanced in CS. Working with 16bit Images Advanced tips on working with high 16bit images. so...what if? What if you had your hands on this tool to put an end to creative blocks and you were able to explode your skills and career forever. What would you do with that power and knowledge? The possibilities are incredible. Start a Photo business? or what if you could take your business to the next level right now? The videos on Mark's 101 Totally Awesome Photo Tips DVD are easy to follow, understand and are loads of fun. Get your hands on this DVD and be one of the thousands of people that have changed the way they look at Photoshop forever. Works with Photoshop 7.0 and CS Free Bonus #1 Order today and Receive a FREE Gift Immediately on creating Advanced Photoshop CS Graphics. While you wait for your DVD to arrive in the mail, You'll have immediate access to download my Advanced Photoshop CS F/X Videos. This way you can start the learning process immediately. You'll find 20 Downloadable Videos on Killer FX -Gears -Saw blades -Fire Type -Leather -Shredded Steal -Ice Type -Rocky Type -Battle Type -Wood -Hot Butter Text -Electrical Wires -Wire F/X -Segmented Pipes -Apply Textures -Plastic Text -Reptile Type -Rust & Type -Spaceship Buttons -Plastic Buttons -Connectors But that's not all... Free Bonus #2 Mark's Type Goo 1.0 for Photoshop CS2 Free included with these courses 20 of the most amazing Layer Styles for type. Apply type effects instantly with just one click. No plug-ins or images required. one more bonus for you... My personal E-mail address If you ever get stuck, you can always send me an email and I'll always do my best to assist you. My personal e-mail can not be found on my personal website and is only available to students. I have spent long hours putting together these courses in Photoshop. The videos are compiled onto a DVD-ROM with an easy to use Browser based interface. All the videos on in QuickTime format for top compatibility and load extremely fast from the DVD rather than using other video software. If you are serious about excelling your Photo and design career, do what ever you can and get your hands on these courses. I have been designing graphics for over 15 years and started using Photoshop at version 2.0.1. My Dad was a Photographer in the military and I owe most of my insight on Photography from his excellent eye for taking incredible Pictures. My goal was to make this extremely fun to do. Because when you are learning at you fullest potential, then you can grasp these techniques quickly and always remember them for years to come. I believe so much in this training, I've put together a guarantee to make it completely risk free... Risk-Free Guarantee If for any reason you decide this is not right for you I want you to send it back and let me give you your money back. Get your copy of 101 Totally Awesome Photo Tips today with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. If you feel 3 years from now you havn't tripled your Photoshop skills, please send it back for a full refund - no questions asked. Why am I willing to risk so much? Because I believe so strongly in what these lessons can do for you. I have seen so many other people, just like you, dramatically improve their retouching skills in just a few short hours. You can do the same. Are you ready? Go for it. I know you do not want to wait to get started so I have made this DVD available to you as an ONLINE course. You will still receive my DVD in the mail, so this price includes the online course AND the DVD. Start my fabulous photo tips course immediately! Sincerly, Mark Monciardini. Mark has worked with the top major Photoshop Professionals in the world such as Scott Kelby and UI Designer Rob Metzger of AOL Time Warner. He has been nominated 2 years in a row for the International Photoshop Guru Award put out by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. 75,000 visitors come his personal site each month to learn from his Photoshop tips and tricks since 1998. Photoshop User: July/Aug 2004 , 100 Hot Tips; Contributing Author and Trainer. March 2000; Mark's Chrome Text tutorial featured. May 1999; Contributing Author. Photoshop Focus Guide: Aug. 2004; Featured Designer and Trainer on the magazines training CD-Rom. Ben Willmore's Photoshop Studio Secrets Companion Website; listed as a top favorite Photoshop Artist. How to do Everything in Photoshop 7: McGraw-Hill Publishing; Technical Editor. Mac Design Magazine: Sep/Oct. 2002; DBM Featured Website. Spring 2001; Featured Website. MacToday Magazine: Jul. 1999; Featured Website. Flash 5 for Dummies: Wiley Publishing; Featured Website.Net Magazine: DBM featured in several issues. Listed by Walcom as one of their Top 40 Photoshop Experts. More Testimonials.. The training DVD's are an awesome tool for any graphic designer or multi-media author! Since I dabble in both, it has been a great help to me in designing my DVD menus. It is so much easier to learn from watching than it is from reading. These video tutorials show you "EXACTLY" how it's done! Put me on the list for the next one! Markus Thomas InterAthletic I thoroughly enjoyed Mark's DVD, I learned a lot from it since it involved the use of many different tools and processes within Photoshop. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to progress with and develop their Photoshop skills. Dave Purnell Mark's CS/FX DVD provided another notch in my tool belt of Photoshop skills. I started out with Mark's Photoshop 7 Master Kit when it came out. Mark's tutorials really helped me shoot my Photoshop learning curve through the roof. I can't wait to buy Mark's next DVD Rom. Sign me up. Mike Carlton I have purchased several things from DBM and actually now that I have the time to comment on them I must say... I enjoyed every hour of learning. The training was focused and provided in depth material to productivity an enhancement using Photoshop [X]. Mike Cortez Mark's videos are very complete and easy to follow. I believe I have them all. Earl As far as I'm concerned Mark's training videos are the ultimate tool if you want to learn Photoshop. Before using Mark's video training I knew absolutely nothing about Photoshop, now I'm producing graphics that amaze even me! I can't believe the quality of my own work, and I owe that entirely to Mark's training video series. Being able to see someone perform the task and then duplicate the project myself is wonderful. Being in the I.T. profession I have enough opportunities to read dry, boring techie manuals. Thru video learning my training curve is cut in half. Mike Potter I think that the last DVD from Mark was a great job. It really helps to understand how to make beautiful FX. Oliver Golaz Well, first of all, Mark's Photoshop training is fantastic! I learned a lot and whenever I thought "well, he won't be able to teach me anything about in this area..." you bet he did! He is great, I'm looking forward to the next training DVD. Marco De Luca Mark has designed a learning program that incorporates visual, audible and work along tactics that take all the tedium out of bookwork! Just the act of following the learning steps help to uncover a wealth of knowledge that immediately adds to the novice and intermediate Photoshop users toolkit. George Smith The best way to sum up both the Photoshop training DVD's of Mark's: Clear, concise information, organized and presented in such a way as to make absorbing all both easy and enjoyable. Mark can count on me as a customer for his future products! William Spreadbury Mark's use of the movie medium to convey the training material is spot on. Even a novice user will become a power user in a few weeks. I have, and will continue to buy these invaluable learning materials. Well done Mark!!! Manish Kothari Mark claims that the DVD tutorials would improve my graphic design skills by 75% and I disagree - It actually improved it by 125%! To be honest, Iíve picked up various tutorial books on Photoshop and visited numerous websites dedicated to the program and none of them could even compare to the Markís techniques and expertise! He knohow--> to deliver thatís for sure! Whether you're a beginner or an expert, his training videos are the perfect companion for Adobe Photoshop and I highly recommend this to everyone! Albert Guillermo I thought Marks DVD rom was the most helpful thing I've ever used to learn things in Photoshop. The techniques he teaches to build the objects in Photoshop are helpful in indescribable ways. I give this DVD a 10/10, and I really mean it. Brandon Pruitt I loved the Training CD! Mark conveys his lessons very well and adds loads of pointers along the way. I know he gets complimented all the time because of his easy going approach to teaching, so keep up the good work. Dave I've purchased other training DVD's in the past, but Mark's CS/FX DVD is by far the most in-depth and comprehensive DVD. I'm looking forward to Mark's to release his next DVD. Linda This course was great and I am still going through it for the 2nd time. Mark is a great instructor, and things were always explained well. R. McGinnis I can't say enough good things about Marks CS training CD. I have many books on Photoshop and Mark's CD cleared up many questions I had reading some of the books. Steve The CD-roms from Designsbymark have revolutionized the way I work and the time I spend to update myself on new versions of Photoshop. It really is a timesaver compared to the Photoshop-bibles I used to read. Geir Juul Aslaugberg Office Manager and author I use this CD for review all the time. It is a great training tool because it makes it easier to retain the information when you can see how things are done. I would recommend it to everyone working with Photoshop. Mary Lynch I really enjoyed Mark's CS F/X DVD-Rom. Not only did I learn new techniques, I was able to apply them to new situations. Mark is fun, easy to follow, and educational. I will definitely be looking for more of his training CDs. Meredith Sivick I have used Mark his training sessions for over 6 years now, and they are amongst the best I know. He explains step by step, in a way that is easy to understand, so I can tackle all the problems I encounter. Catherine I used Marks training and I love any type of art so this was a perfect way to learn. I now compete daily on and I do many advertisements/flyers for my school. I have even been offered a job of creating graphics for a companies website. Jeff Longoria I think the Master kit is a great way to learn Photoshop. You can see exactly what you should do in the video and Mark tells you and what to do in an easy to understand way. Jonas Olsen Best Photoshop training anywhere. Mark makes it look so easy and effortless in his training videos. I like his tutorials because he is easy to understand and is very thorough. Michael Meagher I like Marks teaching style, I stay awake and actually understand what he is teaching.:) Jonathan Start my fabulous photo tips course immediately! Main Page , Terms , Affiliates © 2005, All rights reserved. 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