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"I was Laughed at When I Told My Friends that I Discovered an Application that Fully Automates the Process of Managing Blog Content Across Multiple Blogs!"

Yep, my online friends told me they already had the very best of the blogging software....RsstoBlog!

I had to tell them they were wrong! BlogAutoPublisher is new and powerful. I said, "Don't take my word, listen to what some new users are saying"

The Blog Pimp Says:

Hi Dale,

I’m not affiliated with this blog except as a fan of the software, but I’ll offer this in answer to your questions if that’s all right with you and with Olga.

RSS2Blog simply does not compare to Blog Auto Publisher. RSS2Blog grabs RSS feeds and insterts them into your blog posts.

Blog Auto Publisher fully manages your blogs, and automates many of the mundane routine tasks involved in maintaining and posting to a blog. Far from being a mindless machine designed to copy verbatim copies of questionable content from one location on the net to another as so many so called blog automation tools really are; BAP is a management suite in a single interface that allows you to scheduale, manage, organize, post and maintain your blogs and their content.

It can republish RSS feeds exactly like RSS2Blog, but really, that is the least of it’s functions and capablilities. It can also manage and post articles from non feed sources such as article directories and public domain repositories. It can manage organize, schedule and post your own original content. It takes care of many small, but tedius tasks associated with maximizing the potential of each post to your blog as well, such as automatically rotating and inserting ads, links or anything else you care to put into the ad section. I’ve found a few non standard uses for the ad inserter alone. :) It also automatically handles technorati tags and trackbacks for you too.

Technorati ( is a blog search engine. But unlike a regular search engine it has a search side that will list any blog post containing a given search phrase, but it also has a tag section where you are only listed if you have tagged your post for that phrase. Now the competition is about ten to one hundred times less in the tag section and the resulting traffic and secondary search engine indexing as a result of being listed there is many times greater than being listed only in the search side. (psssst… don’t spread that around too loudly, I enjoy being the ONLY blog in a few very valuable tag searches. lol)

A trackback is a way for two blogs to talk to each other. When I post to my blog that post will have a special URL called a trackback URI. Now if you make a related post and link to my post and put that special trackback URL in your blog where it asks for it, then my blog will automatically put a link to your post in the comments section of my post. This lets readers see what different bloggers have to say about the same subject, and it helps us both out with quality relevant links for the search engines to follow and index. All without cheating begging or stealing. Pretty fly, for a geek, huh?

Dane Morgan
The Blog Pimp ~ If Ya gonna Blog, Blog with Style, Playa!


Video Tutorial Series

Blog content Management with BlogAutoPublisherThis is a very powerful program, and as with any software that is powerful and complicated it takes a concentrated effort to learn all the features.

Olga has put together a video series that walks you thru the process of getting BlogAutoPublisher up and running. After viewing the videos you'll begin adding quality content to your blogs with little effort!


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Blog content Management with BlogAutoPublisher
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Consider These User Comments

"I've tried a lot of the new programs that have come out to help you build a blog that makes you money. Like every other marketing method out there, plenty of people have tried to capitalize on this method, and they've succeeded. The problem is that most of what they've done is offer nothing less than splogs (Spam blogs).

BlogAutoPublisher is different. This software will save you so much time creating and writing your blog, and it will help you cut your writing time in half. It contains some pretty awesome search tools that will help you find great content to write about, and it helps you build your linking strategy and increase your rankings in the search engines quickly and easily. The exposure you receive will make you more money.

This is one of the easiest tools I have ever used, and as a writer and SEO professional, this is a tool that I would recommend to anyone who wants to make more money, save time in writing, and automate the process so that you have a neverending flow of top notch content for your blog."

and this, in a different direction:

"I am not thinking blogs when I use wordpress and blog auto publisher. I am thinking "enhanced micro-niche article directories, with incredible interlinking based on defined subjects, and automatic categorisation, including clouds"

I am also thinking in another direction, but that isn't going to be made public just yet."