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The above header is just another possibility. I would use a small image, particularly if you want to brand yourself or draw attention to a specific topic or subject. If you started looking for the special offer then guess what......the header graphic worked!

Once again I would make a quick, possibly bold and short statement. Another option would be to direct the visitor to some specific location on the page. I think these headers could be useful for any niche market, they are easily edited and can add a degree of professionalism. You'll definitely draw the eye of your visitor to the it's up to you to be clever in your proclamation and/or offer.

As with all good marketing projects, you can only determine the effectiveness of these headers by testing!

If you want to see something really different,
take a look at how you can use the
Torn Edge Brick Style

Below are samples of the package in the 600 pixel width.

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