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Are you ready for something different?

"Torn Edge" Header Graphics

The next step in Header Graphics!

Finally a unique way to combine your headline text with a header graphic. "Torn Edge" Header Graphics gives you a quick way to place a key thought or comment on the most prominent position of your webpage.....the top!

Header Graphics
A New Style

When considering header graphics... some love'em and some marketers run from them. I designed a new series of header graphics that are designed to look like scrap pieces of paper. While not your typical graphical header, this header graphic is designed to draw attention to a message.

Place an eye catching message on a piece of legal paper
across the top of your page!

These blank headers are made to look like legal paper, graph paper, parchement and one header made to look like a brick wall. The headers are blank which allows you to add your message to the header. The text can be added with Photoshop or any image editor. You can call attention to a special offer, free ebook, sales price or any special message located in the copy of your webpage.

These headers are brand new and guaranteed to attract attention. Start using them now before everyone else does. Watch your sales soar!

Hi Scott,

I bought your torn paper graphics as soon as I saw the offer. What a fabulous idea! The graphics are very eye catching and and do an excellent job of making certain areas of the page stand out. I used them everywhere. I even used them to make a header graphic for my software and I love the simple eye catching power of the torn edges.

Michelle Timothy

"Scott does amazing work! I'm one of those people who can't even draw a straight line, much less visualize what type of graphic to put on a website.

So when Scott asked me what type of graphic I wanted, I gave him a virtual blank stare. Even though I didn't give him anything to work with, he still created a stunning graphic that *perfectly* complimented my site.

If you need a graphic, I highly recommend you turn to Scott. You won't be disappointed!"

Rebecca "Becky" Hagel

Do you work in small Niche Markets...I dare you to try the legal pad style, it comes in yellow, green and pink. They look real, just use a hand written font and add your most important idea, concept or message. Your visitor will think you're talking right to him/her.

You'll Get
9 Different Torn Edge Header Graphics
4 Sizes of Each Header

You'll receive the original Photoshop (.psd) files, complete with all my layers. You'll also receive the .jpg version of the files, you'll be able add your text to these header graphics with any image editior. I'll include a link to the free'll be able to instantly add your own copy to these brand new "Torn Edge" header graphics.

I've included 9 different header sizes as follows:

  • 735 pixels wide
  • 700 pixels wide
  • 650 pixels wide
  • 600 pixels wide

You can view the samples by clicking on torn edge header graphics.

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(26) 700 pixel wide Headers
I'm including 26 headers all about 700 x 120 pixels (varies). You'll get the headers in both .psd and .jpg files! These are awesome headers, some are blanks so they can be edited with PhotoPlus or Photoshop, you'll need Photoshop to edit the psd files. These headers alone are worth $20 or more! View Bonus Headers--- Page 1, Page 2

Split Testing Script
If you're not split testing you should be! Included in this package is a free split testing script along with a free ebook on split testing. You'll no longer have an excuse not to split test :)

PhotoPlus Image Editor
I've included a special download link that will allow you to download a free copy of this image editor. You'll be able to easily add text, images or graphics to your new "Torn Edge" header graphics!

Screen Capture Video Tutorials
You'll also get 6 screen capture video tutorials showing how to add text to a "Torn Edge" Header graphic using the free PhotoPlus graphic image editor! These videos are perfect for anyone new to working with graphics. These videos alone are worth $47 or more.

You'll be able to see exactly how I created the image just above. I walk you thru step by step using the free image editing program...PhotoPlus.


You can purchase the complete
Torn Edge Header Graphics
for your own personal use by
clicking the Paypal Buy Button Below

for only $47.00

Once payment is accepted and process you'll be directed immediately to a download page where you'll have access to your "Torn Edge" graphics and all the bonus items.