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Does it Pay to Use
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Yes, the Use of Website Graphics is Sometimes Controversial...However, Marketing Genius Jonathan Mizel Recently has Made an Undeniable Case for the Use of Header Graphics!

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There's no question about it. The proper use of graphical images on a website sales page will help to increase your sales. You are interested in increasing your sales....aren't you?

There's only one problem. What type of graphic are you going to use. A couple of years ago, it was ok to have poorly formed book images or pathetic looking software boxes. The virtual product shapes were bad and the text and images on those shapes was even worse. But you know what......those early day images made a difference in sales. Marketers found that adding images increased their sales and sales conversions.

Testing Your Graphics

Before considering website graphic images any further, every marketer should consider the effectiveness of and ecover or header graphic by testing. I have more work than I can handle, so my desire is to provide you with the information you need to increase your sales. Split testing is the only true method of determining the effectiveness of any type of graphic for your particular salespage.

Most online marketers will not do any testing. If you are selling to niche markets outside of the internet marketing niche, then images will work. Imagine you are a gardener looking for a book on gardening. Do you think a gardener is going to read a 5 or 10 page sales page with all the proper bullets and headings. Or if that gardener came across a niche site with a grahical header and nice image of an ecover with one page of copy.

Are Website Graphics Effective

The header image creates comfort and the ecover creates the illusion of a real book. A simple idea and it works. If you were to do a telephone interview with a gardening expert and include that audio interview with your ebook, what would you think is going to work better....

  • A bullet with a brief written explaination of the audio interview
  • Or a written explaination of the interview along with an image of a CD with a case using some awesome graphics.
  • No question.....even though you are only going to sell a mp3 file; the image is going to create the illusion of a physical product. Your visitor cannot feel and hold an mp3 file, however, by looking at an image they understand the value of the mp3 file that your are selling.

Things change fast on the interent. Early images were somewhat limited due to the speed of the interent. Sharp looking images were large in file size and took forever to load. Today, my cable connection is faster than most T1 lines. A large percentage of interent surfers have DSL connections and now you can utilize good looking images without the constricting limits of earlier files sizes.

What to Look for When Buying Website Graphics

My name is Scott Parat and I've been creating website graphics for the past couple of years, I enjoy designing website graphics for header images, ebook ecovers, software e-Boxes, cd/dvd images and a variety of other website graphics. When working with a designer there are a number of things to consider.

Biggest Mistake When Purchasing a Website Graphics Package

The mistake most people make when purchasing ecover images is that they determine who they are going to buy their images from by price. Most work on the assumption that the lowest price is best......Big Mistake!

Ask to see some of the images that the designer has created and train yourself to recognize a high quality image.

  • Look for a sharp definition.
  • Watch for good color combinations.
  • Ask yourself, "Does the image look like a real book cover or software box?

I use Adobe Photoshop to create all my designs. All professional designers will use Photoshop. Also I have a selection of about 5 different programs that create the images of books, boxes, cds, etc. I have a big advantage using 5 programs. All the programs create images with a slightly different look. Experience allows me to choose the perfect match for your job.

Basic Pricing

Below are some payment buttons for basic pricing options. If needed I would be happy to talk with you regarding pricing and your project. Simply drop me an email at Support At spGrapic dot com

Ebook Cover..................................................................$47.00
Header Graphic ...........................................................$65.00
Complete Website Graphic Package*.....................$97.00

Custom/Quoted Price Payment

Please use this payment button if I have quoted a price for custom graphics. You can use this button to make payment for any amount that is due. Please use the Paypal "Comment Section" to identify the purpose of your payment.

Thank You!

*Website Package includes ebook cover, header graphic, buy button, and background image!



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